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Honda and Mugen have once again put their heads together and decided to produce 300 copies of a tuned-up Civic Type R, dubbed the Honda Civic Mugen RR which should be at dealers in Japan in August. The Mugen RR is based on the Honda S-GT race car and inspired by Honda F1, could it get any better?

Needless to say that the Mugen RR comes with an array of special features and parts, amongst others: new air intake, dual exhaust system, specially produced RE070 RR Bridgestone tires, light weight wheels, new suspension, sport brakes, recaro seats and an weight reduction. Power increases by 15hp to 240hp and weight diminishes by a good 10kg, it is priced at 4,777,500 yen. [Source: Mugen]

Mugen's official website has a video of the car lapping Japan's Tsukuba circuit in 1:06:68, which is worth a look if you're interested in seeing it in action.
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