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You thought your insurance rates were bad, read on!!!,21985,22914573-664,00.html
THERE is no doubt that the cost of driving is going up all the time.And it is not just petrol - there is registration, maintenance, fines and insurance.

Although at least the relative price of cars has fallen.

One guy who really knows this is Janson Towers, 19, who lives in Edmonton, Canada and is by all accounts not a great driver.

He has had two minor collisions, written off his car, 10 speeding tickets and had his licence suspended twice.

Even so, he wasn't expecting his insurance premium to reach the staggering amount of $118,229.85 ($C104,566.63) when it came in the mail.

"I didn't panic, I thought it was a mistake," said his mother Barbara Wellensiek.

When she phoned her insurance broker, Access Insurance Group, they confirmed that the figure was accurate due to a grid system used to assess risk.

"I just about fainted, how could this be ?"

After calculating Janson would have to work around the clock all year just to pay his car insurance premium, it became obvious that the busy teen could no longer drive.

Another company offered insurance for $C50,000 but that still put driving his Nissan 240 out of the question.

Wellensiek said she had helped her son pay previous insurance premiums because he used his car so much but could not afford to now.

"If he can't drive, I'm sure he'll accept it. He'll just have to wait until the convictions fall off."

Janson claimed most of his speeding convictions were just a few kilometres over the limit and is confident of getting cheaper insurance when he moves to British Columbia. Failing that, he will move back to riding his bike.

Maybe Janson should take a leaf out of Muriel Gladwin's book. She has just hung up her driving gloves at the age of 94 with a flawless driving record of 82 years.

Living in Hereford, England, she has driven around a million kilometres since the age of 12 without having one accident, speeding or parking ticket.

"I'm a careful driver," admitted Muriel.

"I think it's because I always keep my eyes wide open and stick to the rules of the road like glue. If the limit is 40mph I drive at 40mph, and I always make sure I have my foot at the ready to brake."
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