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Q: How do I place images into my post?

A: There are two methods for placing an image into your posts.

Method 1: Attaching an image

-If you're posting using the "quick reply" function, click the "Go Advanced" button before proceeding.

-Click the "Manage attachments" button beneath the message entry text box.

-Select the "Browse" button to select the file you'd like to attach. Note - there are size and file type restrictions in place, so not all files are acceptable attachments. See the Attachment Key in the upload dialog window for more info.

-Once you select an acceptable file(s) to attach, click the "Upload" button. If you encounter issues, consider uploading only one file at a time.

-Ensure the file upload is successful.

-At this point, you have a decision to make. You can either close the upload popup window and continue with your post. Once you finally finish the post, it will attach your image as a small thumbnail at the bottom of your post. This will require people to click on the thumbnail to see the full image. If you're satisfied with that, then close the upload popup window, complete your text entry and click "Submit".

The alternative would be to embed your attached picture into your post. To do this, find your Current Attachments list, right-click on the link of the appropriate attachment and select "Copy Link Location" (or something to that effect - it may vary by browser). Then, proceed with Method 2:

Method 2: Embedding an image

-This method is quick and easy. Copy the URL of the image you'd like to embed. Note that this image has to exist on the Internet somewhere, you can't copy the path of an image from your personal computer.

-Next, click on the "Insert Image" icon on the post box toolbar (
) and paste the URL of the image you'd like to insert. Be sure that the URL must be preceded by "http://". Note that the image will be pasted wherever your cursor currently is in your post textbox.

Another thing to note is that this method often results in images that won't work for others (for various reasons). For instance, if the web server that the image resides on only allows it's own members to view attached images on it (such is the case with this forum), people who aren't members of the site where the image exists will be unable to see them. Avoiding this issue is one of the biggest advantages of attaching the image here. However, in that case, people who aren't a member of this site won't be able to see them.

Anyway, at this point you can go ahead and finish up and submit your post.

An example of an embedded image (which is also attached) is here:

Happy posting!


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