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How to buy a car out of state (MA)?

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Good Afternoon guys,

I'm *this* close to pulling the trigger on a new evo from an out of state dealer and i'm trying to get an idea of what i need to bring with me to the dealership, and what i need to bring with me to the RMV. I live in Massachusetts and I'm looking to buy the car in IL and drive it back over a long weekend. Some random thoughts i'd had:

  • MA has a 5% state tax, will IL charge me as well as MA, or is there reciprocity and/or a waiver?
  • since i plan on driving the car back, i'm thinking i just bring my plates off my old car?
  • Maybe i need to talk to dealer to get the VIN and then my insurance to get some kind of coverage?
Bascially i dont want to fly out to IL and go: :slaphead:

I know this is a pretty random question, but any help would be appreciated.

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You should only pay taxes when you get back to MA. You put your plates on when you register them at the DMV for your new car. The dealer should stick a temporary piece of paper on your back window that notifies people that you just purchased your car, giving you a bit of time to register it.
Thanks for the reply man. I guess i'm doing what i usually do and overthinking/over complicating things lol. Any thoughts on insurance?
I have no idea on the insurance pricing... there might be a topic on that somewhere in these forums, otherwise maybe you should start a thread on that.
Sorry, meant in the sense of should i call my insurance and have them add the VIN to my converage. I think the answer to my question is something extremly complex like:


How much are you paying for the car? Can we save you any money??

I live in IL. I know that when you buy a new car that you have a grace period to inform the insurance company, something like 3 weeks, but during that time period you are covered by law. I don't know if this is an Illinois thing or not, and I don't know if it only applies to trading in one car for another. But moreso the point is that the government isn't retarded and knows that people need some time to get there new car on their insurance when they buy one and also need to get new insurance cards...

You should be fine.
revive dead thread!

Guys, just wanted to say that after actually going through this process in the state of MA it is a pain in the ASS. So, hopefully this post will help someone in the future. Note that in my case i sold my old car, and was able to xfer the plates to the new car:

If you are a MA resident looking to buy a car out of state, and outside of new england you need to:
  • Realize that the dealer will NOT know our crazy laws. When you explain to them that you need the the Certificate of Origin for the car, they will look at you like your high.
  • In order for you to register and title the car in MA, the RMV *requires* the following:
    • Bill Of Sale
    • Registration from your old car that i assume you have sold
    • Certificate of Origination (100% required, must be ORIGINAL). In my case the dealer released this only when the financing bank sent them a letter to release it to me.
    • odometer disclosure form
    • RMV-1 from your insurance company.
    • If you paid sales tax in the other state you got a form indicating that. BRING THAT WITH YOU. Otherwise MA will be more than happy to charge you an additional 5% of the cars cost.
    • Cash money or check ONLY.
  • In order for you to legally drive the car in MA (in my case from IL to MA) you need the following in case a statie stops you:
    • Sell your old car so you can legally transfer the plates to the new car. Put the plates on the new car
    • bring your old registration with you
    • original bill of sale
    • certificate of origin
    • RMV-1 if possible
One thing to watch out for is that some states have "Interstate Driving Permits" that are for the purpose of allowing you to buy a new car, and drive it out of state and home. MA does NOT recognize these permits. They will pull you over and impound your new car. I hear that might suck ;-)

Thats it, thanks again!
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GRATS ON THE CAR DUDE!... show us some pics!
Ha, i posted up some pics here:

I'll try to get some more up tomorrow. Post in the other thread if theres something / some angle you really want to see.
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