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How to install sub???

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I've been searching and searching for a how to on a sub install but cant find anything. Ive got an 08 GSR with the factory nav option but no SSS (dont ask me why it was ordered this way as I'm the second owner). Anyways I'm not very knowledgeable about stereo/speakers but I picked up an all in one kicker sub/amp combo to add a bit of bump to the otherwise flat stock system and I'm looking for some guidance on how to go about installing it. Any help would be much appreciated!
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Sorry to revive this. Ijust bought an 08 non SSS but with OEM Navi. The stock sound system was pretty weak so I decided to add a amp and sub. I have an Line output converter tapped into the driver side rear speaker. I tapped the speaker wires located between the front and rear door covered by plastic panels.

For some reason when I turn on the car with the LOC connected. All the speakers do not work. When I leave the LOC off and turn on the car the speakers work. When I connect the LOC while the car is already on, the speakers and the subwoofer works. (Sounds great!!). This is my 3rd LOC unit and its always the same. And I know I tapped the correct wires because the only way to get everything to turn on is to connect the LOC while the car is already on. The LOC does not have a 12v input, only ground which I have bolted to the car

What gives??
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