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Sorry to revive this. Ijust bought an 08 non SSS but with OEM Navi. The stock sound system was pretty weak so I decided to add a amp and sub. I have an Line output converter tapped into the driver side rear speaker. I tapped the speaker wires located between the front and rear door covered by plastic panels.

For some reason when I turn on the car with the LOC connected. All the speakers do not work. When I leave the LOC off and turn on the car the speakers work. When I connect the LOC while the car is already on, the speakers and the subwoofer works. (Sounds great!!). This is my 3rd LOC unit and its always the same. And I know I tapped the correct wires because the only way to get everything to turn on is to connect the LOC while the car is already on. The LOC does not have a 12v input, only ground which I have bolted to the car

What gives??
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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