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How to: Instrument Cluster Remvoal

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I've been looking for awhile on how to swap clusters. I found one on how to remove a lancer cluster but it left out alot of details, so I figured I'd make my own to help future people who attempt this endeavor.

Parts Required:
Whatever cluster you decide to swap to (08 Evo, 11 Ralliart, 13 Lancer GTS etc.)

Tools Required:
Philips head screwdriver
Flat head screwdriver (not required but nice to have)

Recommended Number of People
Just yourself, unless you need an assistant, buddy, or beer retreiver

3. No swear words should be used

Time to complete
Remove and install, about an hour if you take your time.


My project is I'm swapping my 08 GSR instrument cluster for a 11 Ralliart Cluster. The reasons why I'm (and maybe you) are swapping clusters is:
1- The center LCD is colored on clusters after 2010 (on turbo models). 08 and 09 are not.
2- The coolant temp is shown at all times, whereas with 08-09 clusters, you would have to flip through menus to get to it.
3- Warnings are spelled out and not logos (ie. it says air bag service required whereas it would show an airbag and say service required)

The main differences between Ralliart and Evo X clusters are
1-a few cluster lights are different
2-ralliart needle is red, evos are white
3-the tachometer is different (just spaced out more)
4-the speedometer goes up to 170mph on ralliart, 190 on evo
Also important, mileage will not stay the same. If you want the correct mileage, you have to take your cluster to someone who can.

Removal (If you have removed your stereo before, skip straight to step 7. For those who have never removed their stereo, I'm sorry I don't have any pics)
. I also apologize, the pics will be out of order as I decided to make a how to in the middle of the swap.

1-Open and empty the glovebox. After you empty it, squeeze on the sides of the glovebox towards the inside. There are little black tabs that hold the glovebox in the dash. After you squeeze the tabs out, the glovebox should fully swing down

2-Disconnect the air piston on the right side. Simply pull it off the tab off the glovebox and inside the dash. The glovebox should be able to be completely moved out the way.

3-Remove the philips head screw on the right inside of the glovebox space. It's just one screw. Silver in color. Once removed, a black plastic piece should be removed, held in by a few tabs, to expose another screw.

4-Remove the carbon-fiber looking trim that goes across the dash. After removing the black plastic piece in step 3, it should expose a screw that holds this piece in. Remove the screw, then grab that end of piece and gently pull it up (its only held in by tabs at this point).

5-After removing the carbon fiber dash trim, it will expose 3 philip head screws where the hazzard lights/air bag light is. Pull it out (haha) and remove the plug. There's also a little strip going into the other side. Gently pull this out.

6-You're now gonna remove the radio face. It's all held in by stiff tabs, so you have to pull up kinda hard.

7- At this point, you should have the radio face/dash kit removed (with the stereo still installed, don't worry). Remove the phillips head screw in the upper left corner. That holds in the instrument cluster bezel.

8- The silver rings going around the speedometer/tachometer. It's one piece and its held in by clips. Pull up on it then pull on the little dimmer switch on the cluster itself.

9- On the left hand of steering wheel, there's a small piece of that carbon fiber trim. It doesn't have to be removed, but it needs to be unclipped slightly. What I did was where ASC button is (this is on my base gsr, there might be other things there as well), I pryed with a flat head between the black piece and the carbon fiber trim, then I pulled slightly on carbon fiber trim.

10- Next, we remove the instrument cluster bezel. Start on the radio side and pull towards you. It's all held in with clips and tabs and work your way around. On the info button, it's held in by a plug similar to the hazzard light/air bag piece.

11- Right above the cluster, the oval piece on top the cluster needs to be removed. Simply pull up.

12- Cluster removal time! Simply undo the 3 philips head screws, pull out the cluster, and unplug the plug on the back of the cluster.

Installation is the reverse of the install.

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You actually don't have to pop off the upper lid, you can reach the top screw from the front. Did the same swap, best mod evar.
You actually don't have to pop off the upper lid, you can reach the top screw from the front. Did the same swap, best mod evar.
...but it takes like 5 seconds to pop the top to not pop it off is kinda...cut corners for no reasons...
Whatre you gonna do about the odometer?
Just leave it. I made a note and left it in the car.
Wow this is awesome!! Thanks man !! Btw i am looking for a how-to on the entire dashboard removal.. but this is a start..
Great write up did mine yesterday thanks to this thread:priceless:
Absolutely amazing thread saved me hours trying to work out how it came apart so thank you very much!

i was fitting the new uk spec 2014 speedo to my 09 uk evo noticed few minor differences such as the screw to undo the speedo surround isn't there on uk models its simply just clips. second is that i didn't need to remove the silver circles from the speedo surround they stayed in place as i pulled it off and thirdly the trim near AWC is different.

all very minor points but just to help others in the future thanks again!
Does anyone know what CAN be done about the odometer if we wanted to? I don't think I'd want mine to stay different. It's a display thing and not a mechanical odometer, so it shouldn't be hard to change for someone who knows how.
You would need to disassemble the case and get to the actual memory chip inside the cluster. Then buy the chip-specific programmer ($800-1200/US). The cluster cannot be programmed via CANBUS. If it were that easy then you'd never be ble to trust ANY displayed mileage values.

Alternately you could employ a shop that already has the required tools and expertise. Expect to pay between $100 and $200/US. They will need the old cluster, with actual current mileage, and the replacement one that is to be set to he old ones value.
I'm pretty sure it's illegal to change the odometer, unless you're setting it to zero, even if you are setting it to the correct mileage. Then you're supposed to keep a record of the mileage before it was set to zero.
I'm pretty sure it's illegal to change the odometer, unless you're setting it to zero, even if you are setting it to the correct mileage. Then you're supposed to keep a record of the mileage before it was set to zero.
As long as it's YOUR car, there is nothing illegal about changing speedos/odometers or changing the indicated mileage.

However if the change and actual total miles is changed and NOT reported on sale, that's fraud. Felony in most states.
No idea where you got that "set to zero" idea from. Those old roller-type mechanical odometers have been gone for 20 years now. Certainly does not apply to modern, digital chip-type odometers.

AFAIK Mitsu will not sell a new speedo/odo cluster directly to an end user.

So, do you think that i can swap beetwen my actual red display cluster (lancer gts 2009) to a color display cluster from a 2012 lancer? Do you think it is possible? Does the transmission can influence between m/t to a/t?
Would the 08 GSR also compatible with the 11 Evo X GSR cluster ? (8100B460) (The ralliart one is 8100B464)
Yes they are interchangeable. The only real difference is the top speed shown on the gauge ralliart are a little bit low top speed
Would the outlander cluster fit a lancer?
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