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How to remove rear door interior trim panel

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Does anybody have a diagram or picture of where the screws, clips, bolts are that need to be removed to be able to take the rear door interior panel out?

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some photos for you to look at for reference. you can see the white circle tabs on the back side of the door panel. these are the main connecters and they pop off fairly easily. first you will remove the plastic covers you can see both behind the door lever and also the door handle, use a thin razor to pry the edge of the small one behind the door lever. it comes off completely. the larger one behind the door handle swings away. use a philips screw driver and remove those screws. and you will find one more screw toward the front of the rear doors along the edge.
3 screws total per door. then grab the overlapped edge of the panel on the frontward facing edge.
and just wedge your fingers behing and run your hand all the way around. it will pop off. once all the ones around the edge give way pull it toward you and one more anchor will brake loose toward the middle.

the 2 green tabs you can see as well, are where the screws anchor down to.
all in all its real simple. you can also see a bunch of small philips screws on theback of the panel. remove these and you can re upholder the door panel.


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whats the word from marioB.
any special reason to remove the door panel?

i tore it all apart to lay a security tint on my windows and cover the whole window including the small windows where removed completely to allow a sturdy edge. a little bit of boredom and a little bit of security measure. haha.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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