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Did you just make a how to and you want to have it here for all to see? Then send me a PM or IM with a link to the thread, but first, make sure it contains the following:

- Parts Required
- Tools Required
- Recommended Number of People
- Difficulty
- Time to complete
- Clear instructions with pictures

The post should also be in the following format:

HOW TO: <whatever your how to is>

Parts Required:
- List relevant part numbers etc. Pictures of parts are also nice

Tools Required:
- List of tools needed to complete the job

Recommended Number of People
- Most will be 1, but for the projects that definitely need more, list how many would be ideal

- Scale from 1 to 10, where 1 is like putting in floor mats

Time to complete
- Give best approximation for average joe

Step by Step Instructions
- Please use the following format:
1 - Do this

2 - Then this


For projects that disassemble, then fully reassemble the same part, it is acceptable to end with, "Reverse procedure to re-assemble the part"

You do not need to turn post into a PDF, the staff will do this.

TRUSTcompany9000 and the EvoXForums Staff
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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