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I spied: possible Evolution X in disguise?

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Sup guys. I posted this on ClubLexus and, and kooldino asked me to share it with you guys here.

On June 1 around 2:30pm, I was on the 605 freeway heading North, near Cerritos Auto Square. I spotted this weird looking EVO-VIII, the weird interior caught my eyes. RHD, some mechanical differences from EVO-VIII.

Before I merged onto the 91 freeway, I snapped a few pics with my trusted DC (I always keep it handy in my car now). Here are the pics:

Exterior of an EVO-VIII:


Side view:

dual exhausts (small tips resemble the EVO-X concept dual exhausts)

new-Lancer looking interior?

RHD. Fake driver on the passenger side (or is that the driver side?)

Weird bulge on the hood.

It seemed like an EVO-X but with EVO-VIII sheet metals. We had a bunch of discussion over at ClubLexus and, and basically we've concluded that this is an EVO-X drivetrain mule. It is the same car that was tested on the Nurburgring last year.
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wow.. all of those taken while you were driving? I'm impressed!
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