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Ideas for color to paint calipers?

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I have a Rotor Glow ralliart, so choosing a color to paint the calipers is tough. They are kind of rusty and just look bad, so I'd like to paint them but am having trouble deciding on what color. I have matte black rims, so I'm not sure how they would look if I painted the calipers black. I have a pic in my photo album if you care to take a look. Any ideas or opinions are welcome!
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On my WW i would like to go red or bright blue
It will depend on the accesories colors under the hood
The guy that bumped it asked about anodizing, actualli never done it,
With white cars i have done red, black, blue and white calipers, and by far
Red and blue were the ones i limed the most.

Now i bought a WW RA so one of those 2 colors may be the one to be used
As i posted before it will depend on the accesories under the hood (colors) and
Also the rims that i will get (thinking on white grids)


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in my case i would like to put some white grids, so with with wheels on white car i should use another color on the calipers to make some contrast,

post some pictures from your WW RA so i can get an idea of how it looks!


never realize that its not as white as other, i assume i haven't actually paid attention to white lancers beside other white cars,!
1 - 4 of 28 Posts
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