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Have to share this knowledge since the Evo community helped me out when I was in need of help. Long story short, I have an Evo that popped up on an audit for State Ref, I flashed a stock ROM onto the car (previously had a tiny tune for a little more power, nothing crazy) and took the car to an appointment...

Car passes visual, but can't pass ECU and it the result comes back TAMPERED.

Get informed that it's due to CAL ID/ CVN not matching up, so I take the car to my local dealer in the Bay Area and they tell me that they need me to purchase a new ECU, so they can correct it (TOTAL BS).
Visit another dealer and they tell me the same thing...

I had to patently wait to try again due to new job being a M - F and I didn't want to drive to So Cal to have a mod friendly dealer correct it for some money out of pocket. I was finally able to take my car to a 3rd dealership, but this time I told them that I wanted to bring the car in for a TSB (since I just wanted them to flash the ECU and couldn't find a solution online)... I give the TSB number and the the service advisor is surprised and states that he hasn't seen this TSB... He asks if I know the cost, I tell him that it was free to my knowledge and he says "impossible" since it's out of warranty (2008 Evo X GSR and 3rd owner)... I've committed to my story, so I've got to stick to it... He gets back on the computer and states "Wow thats weird, I've never noticed that there's a recall for this.". Has me sign an invoice for $0 and tell me its recall C1311.

They reflash my ECU. Slap a sticker under the hood for the Mitsubishi Authorized modifications and send me on my way to the sweet sound of $0 out of pocket.

Fast forward to today and I get another appointment for the State Ref... CAL ID/ CAL CVN match and I passed with flying colors!

So if you have an issue with a CAL ID/ CAL CVN not matching up/ Tampered status for your ECU it wont hurt to ask for a the following at your local dealer:

TSB SC-12-004 (or any software update for ECU) or Recall C1311馃憤

Good luck you guys and I hope you don't have a 8 month headache as I did!
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