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Installed Boost Gauge and now taillights out

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I had an AEM boost gauge installed last weekend and now my taillights are out. The brake lights and blinkers work but when I turn my lights on my taillights just do not turn on. Any ideas?
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Lights on this car are all controlled by the body control module. Creepy thing is the car can even tell when a certain bulb goes out (saw this in the sevice manual while browsing). My best guess is that it has to do with how the power was wired for the boost gauge. I'd take it to the installer and have them sort it out.

Edit: after checking fuses, of course.
I confirmed with the Khiem at KTM, who installed it, that all connections are correct. Checking fuses now. Could it possibly be a relay issue?
more then likely blew a fuse check them all and even if they check ok they could be cracked from trying to tap into one happened to me a couple of times
How do I tell if it is blown? I just yanked out the 15amp rear tail light fuse

Edit: the wire inside the fuse is still intact
Look at the fuse itself, the connection on the side should look like this "n" connecting one terminal of the fuse to the other, if the "n" is burned out, it will be all black and split. You will be able to tell.
or just pop a new 15 amp fuse in and see if that fixes your problem, the same exact thing happened to me and a buddy two nights ago while installing a stereo into his DSM.
It's not black and spilt. It looks ok. I'll replace it anyway and see if that helps. Thx for the feedback.
All fuses ok and problem still persists. Any other thoughts?
How did the shop wire the gauge? Did they tap into the passenger compartment fuse box? If so, did they use a Bussmann tap?

We need more information. Otherwise we can't help you.
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