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Installing coilover and Whiteline RCA

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I will be installing my Fortune Auto coilover and Whiteline RCA pretty soon. I have a few questions...

I have installed coilover before on my Integra and mr2 turbo. I have all the tools need to do a clean and professional job. And my dad is a 20+ year mechanic (but i do everything)

1) What tips and advice can you guys can give me on the install so i wont run into any unexpected problems?

2) How much do shop charge for installing the Whiteline RCA kit?

3) I was thinking of just removing the front lower arms and bringing it in to the shop for the Whiteline RCA press in. How much do you think the shop will charge for that?

4) How much do shop charge for alignment?
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You don't need an RCA kit unless you drop lower than your roll-center. You never said how much you are dropping from stock, measure and find out if you need it before you go installing it. Also, you will not even notice the RCA unless you either drive like a douche on overpass exits or you actually drive your car at HPDE or AX events.

Alignment runs usually between $89-$100 depending on where you go. I pay $120 for unlimited yearly alignments with my suspension shop.
I'm going to lower it 2" all around. I do AutoX and Track days every now and then for fun.
I am not sure what stock height was but I am 25" off of the ground from fender to ground and I still don't need a RCA kit.
Definitely goto a shop for pressing out/in ball-joints. Seriously a pain in the ass and you risk damaging the control arm if you end up having to hammer it out (my case). You could rent one of those ball-joint presses, but they arent really effective unless you have air-tools. Believe me, you WILL get tired very fast trying to press that bitch out with hand tools lol

I paid $110 for an alignment (they evened out the coil-overs too), but it was from a respectable shop that only touches track/high end cars.
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