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Interested in becoming a moderator?

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As the site grows (which is occurring at an increasing rate these days), we need more moderators to help run things.

I'm picky about who is appointed the moderator title, and there's a good chance that if you apply that I won't accept you as a moderator.

That said, if you plan on sticking around here for the long haul, we could use some help. Read the following carefully:
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Im interested in becoming a mod. Im no professional tuner but I'm very computer savy and visit this forum religously. hoping to get my Evo real soon so I can become a 'real' member. I plan on learning a great deal as I already have and modding my Evo.
I'd enjoy being the mod of a photo section. Maybe a section devoted to locations of members, regional. Or anything else where I dont need to be an expert in the tuning world yet.
Ill fill out an app and message you on my break. I've never been a mod of a forum so if you want give us some ideas of what it involves.
LOL - I could apply but I don't want to be laughed at..

I think my first goal should be to actually GET an Evo X
What forums are you looking for help with?
I'd apply for a moderator position, but there would be way too much of a conflict of interest.
What forums are you looking for help with?
Any forums that lack moderators now.
If you guys are interested in positions, visit the link in the first post of this thread.
no can do but thanX for the offer!!! :D
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