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Interesting observation on my Fast Key...

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If my Palm Centro phone is in the same pocket as the key fob, my fast key will not work.

If I take my phone out... then the fast key system works...

This only happens with my Palm centro too. If I have my work Motorola Krzr in the same pocket, all works as usual...

I can only guess that my Palm Centro emits more electronic noise....

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For a simple RF based remote, you can put it to your chin and increase the range. You are just using your body as an antenna.
FAST key doesn't work when it's in the same pocket as Plantronics 655 bluetooth headset...odd. Or Nokia N73 or N95.
Iphone and Keyfob in same pocket, My keyless will not work, Tested many time to make sure,
thanks for bringing this back to topic.

I havent reported it to Mitsu because in the owners manual, theres already a disclaimer that the FOB can interfere with other items within proximity, etc etc.

It was just an observation on my part when I first got the car. Not a biggie. Now I just keep my phone in my other pocket and all is groovy.

Its intersting that my Motorola Krzr doesnt interfere though. I wonder if it has to do with the Smartphones being connected to the data stream for emails, etc...
You know whats really neat. If I put my key with the key from my Prius, which is also a fob, the key doesnt work ;)
I read somewhere in the owners manual about this fob frequency conflict with certain devices.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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