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Introducing the Spark Cut patch, finally a solution for SST Boost of the line

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Hey everyone,
After a short testing phase it is finally time to release my spark cut patch to the public, just in time for the DSM Shootout!
Warning! Repeated launches in quick succession will harm your clutches and/or your transmission. Staying on the rev limiter for an extended amount of time will cause component fatigue and failure.
USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, I hold no accountability for damages
What this patch does:
  • Uses the current fuel cut rpm to enact an addition spark cut rev limiter as either a primary or secondary rev limiter for the car.
  • The main spark cut rev limiter is variable for cars running Tephramod V2 or V3, using the current rev limiter for the map slot as the basis for the rev limiter.
  • Also adds the ability to use a spark cut rev limiter as the main stationary rev limiter, instead of the factory fuel cut for 5mt cars.
  • Allows SST cars to build boost off the line, allowing them to launch harder with the turbo already spooling instead of waiting for it to spool after launching.
Theory behind the patch:
  • The stationary rev limiter of this patch is very similar to the stationary rev limiter on the GSR's except it doesn't look for the clutch switch. Once it reaches the preset rpm it tells the coils to not charge, thus they can't spark until after the rpm drops below the threshold and then it repeats, very quickly building boost. In the case of the SST cars with launch control, it keeps the RPM just shy of the throttle closure rpm, building boost and still letting it launch.
  • For the main rev limiter, it uses the current fuel cut rev limiter RPM as the basis of its calculations. Due to the nature of how the ECU does math and rounding it is not a straightforward calculation. I have attached a program that will calculate the spark cut RPM given a fuel cut RPM and the entered multiplier.
  • The rev limiter was done in this manor so that if desired, then you could have a map using Tephramod V2/3 with a lower RPM than the main map, and still use the spark cut rev limiter. IE a valet mode.
  • Download the .txt file that is associated with you ROM, Read the instructions and warning at the top of the file, copy the XML data into the XML for your rom, save and enable using the [ ] keys.
  • When enabling the subroutine, Tephramod V2/3 users can use either the Tephra Rev Limiter setting or the Factory Setting. V1 and stock rom users use the Factory setting.
  • The call to sub is the master on/off for the patch. However if the subroutine is left stock you will brick your ECU.
  • After either the Divider or stationary rev limiter has been changed the subroutine will show “(no match)” That is normal.
Default settings:
  • Do not change any of these settings until after the subroutine is set.
  • By default the stationary rpm is set to 3000 RPM so that it can be safely tested without building much if any boost.
  • The Divider is set to 1.05, this effectively disables the spark cut rev limiter, setting to as a failsafe for the fuel cut rev limiter.
“Recommended” settings:
  • With the Fuel cut rev limiter set to the default 7599 and the Divider set to 1.11 the rev limiter will be just more than 7500
  • On a 5MT car the stationary can be set to the default of 5500, however the stationary rev limiter under limits will need to be raised.
  • On a SST car it needs to be set below the throttle closure RPM for the launch control, in testing we found 4500-4600 to be the most effective setting. On a stock 2.0 with a 5858 we built 3-5 psi depending on outside temperature, with no additional tuning.
  • This patch has been fully tested with Rax V2/3 with no issues.
  • Tephramod V1/2/3 all work as expected.
Current data:
  • Stock turbo GSR with V2/3 Launch maps built 16psi of boost in .5s
  • 2.0L Stock Block MR with a ETS 5858 built 3-5PSI without launch maps or other tuning. Picking up .3 on his 60’
  • •2.0L Stock Block MR with a ETS 5858 built 15 PSI using Spark Cut and V3 launch maps
Current Roms:
59580004 2013-2015 GSR and Final edition
52690021 2008 MR
55580005/55580006 2010 MR
56900010 2011 MR
52680022 2008 USDM GSR
55570006 2010 USDM GSR
58010005 2012 USDM GSR
53050009 2008 EDM SST
53050012 2009 EDM SST
56920008 2011 EDM SST
53600010 2009 Ralliart
55590007 2010 Ralliart
59570004- 2013 USDM Ralliart
53610012 53610013 - 2010 EDM Ralliart
52360018 2008 JDM GSR
52680002 USDM GSR Final Edition

Current updated list

53610012 53610013
55580005 and 55580006

Missing your rom and want to be a test car? PM me and I’ll get you set up with a patch

  • This patch is released free of charge. However if you would like to donate for my time and effort my paypal is my [email protected] All donations are very appreciated.
  • If you are a pro tuner and charge for the patch, please make a donation. I made this as easy to install as possible and would appreciate a cut for you making extra money for the extra effort I put in!
In this one he's using the launch maps from Tephramod V3, building 10psi
Here's him launching his car on 15 PSI
Here's some tests on my personal car
Here's a log of my stock turbo car testing it

  • Chet Rickman- Finding the Dwell logging information, which without this patch wouldn’t have happened.
  • Nathan G – Being the first to test on a SST showing proof of concept
  • Robert B- Being the first to launch with boost and testing V3 launch maps with the patch.

  • Only currently known issue is if the Chassis year and Ecu/Rom year are not the same, this causes an issue with the stationary rev limiter not disengaging. Currently testing on a fix, if you have this issue, PM me and I’ll create a custom patch for you.


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Any chance for a Aus 2010 ralliart 53610013 ?
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