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Take a smart fortwo, cut it in half just behind the doors, and spend 300 man-hours over the next month adding nearly nine more feet to the vehicle's length. The result is the world's first smart fortwo "limo" that is about as long as a Mercedes-Benz S-Class! The images show a prototype model from Carbonyte, a UK limo specialty company, that was designed as a promotional vehicle (we see more than just a little resemblance to a popular energy-drink company). As expected with a custom fabrication, the customer can choose his or her own design, seating capacity, and intended use (if you have the need, Carbonyte is looking into creating a electric fortwo hearse). We know what you are thinking. Adding all this mass to a smart must slow the fortwo to a crawl. Right? Well, Carbonyte claims the original 600cc engine can still propel the contraption to a blistering 80 mph. Maybe so, but not with us in it.
Carbonyte's press release is posted below the fold.
Gallery: Smart Fortwo Limo

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