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JoeP MBC & Other turbo goodies!

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Hey guys, I have some manual boost controllers on sale on my website, so I figured I'd let you guys know in case you got the mod bug. :)

Available in bare aluminum:

As well as anodized black:

I also have silicon vacuum hose by the foot:

As well as some gauges:

That ought to be enough to get you guys started. :thumbup:
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No one wants more power out of their X?
I'm definately looking at getting a MBC, however I'm waiting for a decent looking Boost Gauge to come out so that I don't blow something up lol.
That's always a wise decision.

If you post a picture of your gauges, I can see what I can find to match it.
I don't have any gauges just yet, I'm just looking for something that will not be real bulky, as well as try and match the interior.
I meant your stock gauges. I don't have a nice, clear pic of them handy.
Oh alright, I misunderstood. I'll get one for you this afternoon.
If you can, take one of the gauges off, and another of them lit up.
I'll probably be grabbing one of those black ones from you in the near future :p Though, I'm gonna get some Defi Gauges first.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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