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J's Garage - 2011 Evo X GSR SSS build!

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J's Garage - 2011 Evo X GSR SSS build! - Direct link with all updates

I will try to keep this thread updated!

Car information:
2011 Evo X GSR SSS with leather/sunroof package

Dealer installed the damn front plate, so I made the best of it.

November 2011 -
A week after buying my Evo X, I had my Rota Grids swapped over off my evo 9.
I don't have any completely stock photos. :(

Rota Grid 18x9.5 +22 at Stock Ride Height

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UR Test Pipe said:

Price paid $204 shipped

Ordered – UR Test pipe with hardware and extra bung (02 sensor for wide-band gauge)

Installation – Installation is very quick and easy with air tools. Only took me 45mins to fully install.

Fitment – The UR test pipe fit with easy, fit perfect, no exhaust leaks, no headaches, very easy installation.

Quality – The quality of the test pipe is top notch! The welds look beautiful as well as all hardware came with the pipe.

Weight/Size – The factory CAT is pretty heavy, as UR website states 14lbs vs only 3.5 from the test pipe. The UR test pipe is a full 3″ vs the stock (looks to be <2.5″)

AEM Intake Review said:
Review :

The installation took about 1.5 hours total. The installation manual is very straight forward, and very descriptive. It shows each and every step.

**Make sure you hook up the BOV, and boost solenoid with provided line**
The Drive:

The intake does not carry the same type of theatrics as an open element filter intake. The BOV when shifting is a bit louder as well as the overall turbo spool sound. The power is marginal. AEM claims 16whp peak on a completely stock vehicle without tuning. I did notice the vehicle revs more freely in higher rpms.

I am pleased with the purchase. The intake box is very well made, and I do feel like it is a good improvement over stock. The mild theatrics are pretty cool!
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More updates coming soon!!

- Ceramic tint vs Traditional tint
- Swift R springs installed
- Podi dual gauge with Rexspeed gauge installed

Within a few days, everything done, simply need to sort photos and whatnot.
Swift R spring install

Swift R spring install said:

Project Evo X gets LOW via Swift R springs!


Price paid $274 shipped

Ordered – Set of Swift R springs for Evolution X.

Installation – My installation took a bit longer them most. This installation should take you 2-4 hours. Ours took much longer due to snapping two aluminum lug nuts that seized. You will notice the springs do look different. The new springs have “dead coils” compared to the factory springs that do not. These dead coils help create the progressive spring rates as advertised with the springs.

Installation of the springs themselves was very easy, make sure to tighten the top nuts. The only special tool I’d recommend for safety reasons, is a spring compressor. You can rent them at your local auto part store.

Quality – The quality of the springs is very high quality.

Ride - You can definitely notice the car is a bit lower, not crazy low, but lower. The vehicle rides a bit more firm then factory, but still rides very soft. The factory springs would allow to car to “roll” a good bit when hard cornering. The new Swift R springs have a slight roll, but are much better!

I am very pleased with the price, quality, drop, as well as the ride of these springs. I would recommend them to other Evolution X owners!
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Podi - Gauge Solutions said:

Due to not having a lot of options for a clean mounting solution for gauges, we went outside the box to find a perfect gauge solution for the Evo X. We were needing a boost and AFR (air fuel ratio) gauge for tuning purposes. We turned to Podi for the answer. Podi is very popular with European brand cars such as Volkswagen and Audi. Podi promotes “a factory look, and perfect fit” as there main slogan, which is perfect for what we were looking for.

We chose a VEI systems dual display gauge which is build to order, and can be customized in any type of gauge source. We choose boost and AFR (air fuel ratio). Podi uses Innovate’s LC-1 as a sensor, but the gauge can be program to work with almost any 0-5 volt AFR sensor. The gauge is very high quality. The housing is CNCed aluminum and comes with silver or black finishes. The gauge readout also comes in either blue or red. We choose the raw aluminum finish with the red readout to match the Evo X’s factory interior appearance.
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Is that gauge compatible with EvoScan? I assume so if it uses the LC1 sensor but just curious.
Is that gauge compatible with EvoScan? I assume so if it uses the LC1 sensor but just curious.
Yes it is compatible.
I want those rota's!
I like that podi gauge. Two in one... Maybe i should sell my gauges for that one..
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