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Stroker kits increase power right of the bat, nothing else considered. There is no replacement for displacement as the V8 guys like to say. It will move more air throughout rev range so yes, turbos will spool earlier on a bigger motor. A 35R on a 2.2 stroker will spool similar to the stock turbo on the standard stroke .

You might say "Hell why doesnt everyone stroke their motor?" (I know what you're thinking, Stop it) The downside of stroking a motor is you cant rev the motor as high due to adding more internal moving mass. The motion of the piston back and forth at 9k rpm and the stress associated with that motion is substantial. Making that connecting rod a half pound heavier (because now its longer) and moving it at 9k rpm puts more stress on the rod bolts, the rod itself, crankshaft, etc.

So the bottom line is a 2.2 stroker will yield more bottom end grunt while sacrificing top end zip. A 35R on a 2.2 will make power, ,sooner, over a wider "power band" than a 35R on the standard 2.0 but will likely not have the higher peak hp number than a 2.0 would. Running a real big turbo like a T88 or 42R would not be wise on a stroker because the high RPM required to flow enough air to see the turbo really shine would not be able to be achieved. Not safely and reliably anyway.

Strokers are good road race motors while built 2.0 liters are better drag motors. It all comes down to what you plan to use your car for.

OP, sorry for the informative vomit in this post but it sounded like there are some people posting in here without the slightest clue. Plus, free bump for you. Seems like you are selling lots of high end parts right now. Build plans change or get into financial bind or what?
So what’s better for the track?
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