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Just Pulled a James Bond on APR Performance HAHA!!

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Hey guys so I went to APR to pick up something for a friend and I was over hearing a couple people in the back talking about Vortex Generators….so I kind of stayed around and did a James bond type of thing haha…and they said Evo 10 and Vortex Generator…I wanted to get closer to found out a little more in till some one came and asked if I needed any help? I was very interested in knowing if APR will be making any Vortex Generators for our Evo 10’s so I asked them and they told me that they don’t know yet but it’s something that they’ve been talking about for awhile….personally I think that APR would make a crazy looking design for our cars, they’ve done some pretty niice work with there show cars…plus most of there CF products work well in aero dynamics. What do you guys think?:+1:

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if you dont mind me asking what is a CF Vortex Generator ive never heard of it?
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