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K&N vs ETS inakes

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Debating whether to get the ETS intake or the K&N typhoon intake. Pricing on both is pretty similar. Obviously the ETS is more popular, but both seem to be quality kits. The ETS utilizes a velocity stack and a 5" filter. The K&N uses a smaller filter, but also includes an UIP. Some people arent fans of the red piping, but I dont mind it. If anyone has either kit, what comments do you have, good or bad. Cant seem to make up my mind.. :duh:
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I would go with the K&N since it comes with the uicp and if you don't like the red piping you can always get them both powdercoated flat black and it will look stockish...

I personally have the K&N uicp from the typhoon kit and powdercoated it flat black and it looks real smooth, but I sold the short ram intake portion and use a K&N drop in filter instead...I would actually recommend that you instead just get a good drop in filter and save the money you are looking to spend on a short ram intake system since the gains are minimal and once tuned it won't matter unless you like the whoosh sound or are looking to eventually upgrade to a bigger turbo. GL!
I have the ETS intake on the way. Got it because of the great deal on black Friday. On top of the velocity stack and biggest filter out there for the X it also utilizes the stock MAF. This is great so you don't have to be tuned unless you want to get tuned and get even more gains. I want to stay within warranty so I need to be able to go back to stock and a flashed ECU won't work for me. This intake should not only sound great but more importantly shows great gains without a tune.

I have nothing bad to say about K&N though. They make great drop ins and full intakes.
During my Testing. It really does the not matter which pipe you use. The gains are all similar ones with VS smooth out the air flow much better.

During recent tuning, I found the AMS CAI intake vs. ETS Intake produced 20F difference in air intake temp on a 65-70F night, CAI produced about 5-8 whp more as well at peak HP. Both cars had OEM intercoolers.

If you drive where there is a lot of standing water then I would go for a short ram as you can suck up water with a CAI.
I still think AEM's is the only one with meaningful thought put into it's design. True CAI without the water problems with the "convential" CAI design. Mitsu designed the flow direction of the OEM intake well, and AEM was the only one smart enough to not throw it away

nothing against other brands, just results from what I've seen and experienced - some people might play brand favoritism, but I don't think there's a single brand out there that makes the best of everything
i have the K&N i love it but now kinda wish i had gotten the ETS one only because it re locates the BOV
Like xphase said its also nice the ETS relocates the bov. Just curious does anyone have any comparison dynos of the AEM vs ETS untuned? I saw a test of the AEM vs works drop in vs no filter. The AEM did have some great gains. Amazon sells it brand new for around 230 as well which is a great price.
Sorry for the noob question, but what are the benifits from relocating the BOV? I noticed some systems do it and other dont.. Or does it just amplify the sound?
none really, but my rule of thumb is the closer to the turbo the better
If you're looking for a system that retains a stock-ish design that mitsu intended like someone mentioned then you are looking at the AEM, Password JDM, Gruppe-M and Kansai Box (in order of price not in order of quality)

Between K&N and ETS? K&N is good but ETS all the way. Let me know if you need any help, you can shoot me a PM :)
I vote password JDM if you want a stock box, it's a great looking piece!

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Go with the ETS dude. Top of the line manufacturing and customer service.
I have the ets and no complaints at all, love the sound:)
I vote ETS as well. They have the best customer service around.
:+1: for ets, love their stuff, great quality parts.
Currently running all boltons from them, no complaints
hmmm. might want to look at ets...
While I have no practical experience, everything I've read here and from my conversations with Michael at ETS I'm gonna have to vote with ETS. :D
ETS = top notch quality stuff.
I have K&N, so far I like it!!
However I have a question!
I am using AccessPort for tuning, and I found there is a Stage 1+ for some Intake Types:
COBB SF, AEM, AMS, HKS Panel and Injen. They don't have map for K&N and ETS!
So if you are using AccessPort, you might think about it!!
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