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Kahn and Cosworth to dominate aftermarket tuning together

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Project Kahn has had its hands into all kinds of high-dollar, high-horsepower machinery over the last few years. Afzal Kahn has made unobtainable exotics even more incredible with kits for the McMerc SLR and the Aston Martin DB9S, along with providing parts for more subdued offerings, like the LR2 and Audi A8, not to mention the Rolls-Royce Phantom. Now, Kahn is teaming up with Cosworth to blend its extreme aero mods with the legendary engine tuner to create the ultimate in road-going rockets. Fortunately or unfortunately, their first joint endeavor will be a tuned version of the Range Rover Sport, dubbed the Cosworth 300. They've only provided a teaser image (right), but expect all the details to be released later this year.

[Source: Project Kahn via WCF]
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