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Kaizen tunning Review

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I have been to many shops to do dyno runs and tune cars on the east coast. Kaizen is by far the best shop you will ever Visit. All there employees and there Owner are so close and personal about your car that it makes you feel valued in there company. I have an 08 EVO X GSR. I brought the car to them with so many problems. ECU, intake, BOV issues, and even a cheap exhaust that i did a poor job installing... HAHA YUP. but they fixed my problems and went though hours of tuning by there tunner Rob who does a great Job. I will say that I have never been so happy with a car and it is all due to them.

So please if you into the East Coast tuning and drive anything from turbos, they are the place to go to. They are located in Acton mass, but will be moving soon. please contact me or them on the forums to find them. Kaizen is the best shop in New England. I am super satisfied.
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