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Lamborghini Diablo SV - Correction by Oakes

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A rare Lamborghini Diablo SV has come from our good friends up at Fabspeed Motorsports after they did some exhaust and tuning modifications. This bull is loud!

The car came in fairly clean, but definitely showed some need for a proper correction and protection. The paint, while healthy, is also now 14 years old and in order to save it from unecessary correction and buffing later on, I protected this Bull with two layers of CQuartz ceramic coating.

The process on this Lambo took approximately 23 hours in total, the front end did not need correcting because it was wrapped in both clear film and matte vinyl. The tricky engine bonnet took up the time saved on the front end however!

A few photos of the paint before correction

Here are some 50/50 correction progress photos


Corrected Paint photos before any LSP was added


Reflection Photos



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Finished Profile Photos



A few photos with our resident door raiser inside!

- Look forward to another thread of these two beasts out on the road for a photoshoot together -

As always, thanks for looking! Feedback welcome and appreciated!

Nick Oakes​
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beautiful work on a beautiful car...i love those spykers but i feel like they need more power
You have the best job in the world.

Btw, that stripe on the SV down the middle of the car just looks plain weird.
Nice job. IMO the Diablo is not aging well. Forgot how dated they look now. You brought this one back to life.
"dated" in your eyes maybe.
Yeah, the back end wheel wells just scream kit car to me. They never really fit the car right. My eyes are getting old though.
I got goosebumps. MAN! That is clean. Shift-gate and all.
if only the paint on our cars are thick to be able to do something like this .. ill be all over this!!

GOOD job!

patience and dedication.
^ Wow, is that why our X's are so light weight (being sarcastic). The paint on our car shouldn't even be called paint lol.
Looks great! But I have to ask is that shifter as awkward as it looks? It looks really high given how low the seats are.
yet another great job by Oakes!!! That car still looks beast!
The shifter honestly didnt feel much different to me, however I am 6'3 so im sure someone who doesnt fill the seat as much might have some awkwardness with it honestly.

Here is a video of the exhaust note from David at Fabspeed with some flames!
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