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Click above for high-res gallery of the Land Rover LRX concept

The challenge automaker's face when they attempt to transition a concept vehicle to viable production model is making sure the elements that made it popular with show-goers remain. Case in point: the recently revealed (and repainted) Land Rover LRX concept. The new model is an attempt by Land Rover to show the marque's aggressive side with a sporty two-door SUV that could fill a hole between the Freelander and the LR3. While the exterior shouldn't be too far removed from the show vehicle save for some of the more conceptual elements, the interior is another story. Most automakers let designers run wild inside a concept and then neuter a car's innards on the way to market, but according the Autocar, Land Rover is hoping to keep as much of the concept's interior intact as it can. When Land Rover brings the LRX to market in 2010, we'll know if it succeeded.

Gallery: Land Rover LRX Concept - Black & Silver

Gallery: Land Rover LRX Concept - White

[Source: Autocar via Winding Road]
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