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Let's see your visors!

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Here is mine.


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You have all gone soft. All of you. The tone of the thread told you everything you needed to know. Post up your visors? Ummm yep, you can tell by that the functionality of this piece is incidental to the OP. This is existentially in the same vein as wings. If its bought with the express intent of functionality, its cool, if its a fashion statement, it isnt. Its called Intent Driven Ricerery. Or IDR. Fully covered in great detail in my upcoming book. "50 Shades of Rice: The unabated putrefaction of the American auto culture".

Also available in audio book. Narrated by me, drunk, doing my best Christopher Walken impression.
I was just thinking last night I need to update my sig. Your ears were ringing.
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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