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Let's see your visors!

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Here is mine.


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Sweet. You smoke in your car while its raining, or is this a ricer thread?
Damn demi, that didnt take long LMAO
Vigilance. This forum is South Park and I am The ****. She needs me.
I'll admit I love my OEM ones in the rain or snow, I can crack the window an inch for some nice cool air (I can't STAND driving with the windows up) and not get rained or snowed on, especially during a turn when all the water sloshes to one side and wants to come into my open window - haha.

Not just for smokers!

damn, prolly his first thread and only 4 posts and you guys bash him like he should know better.
i also like having fresh air but i'd NEVER put those things on my X. just saw the thread and was interested.
shame on you Demi. you big bully!

^ I agree and its not some of the stupid crap some of you have posted about.

As a person that likes to drive with his windows down this is nice when its raining.
You have all gone soft. All of you. The tone of the thread told you everything you needed to know. Post up your visors? Ummm yep, you can tell by that the functionality of this piece is incidental to the OP. This is existentially in the same vein as wings. If its bought with the express intent of functionality, its cool, if its a fashion statement, it isnt. Its called Intent Driven Ricerery. Or IDR. Fully covered in great detail in my upcoming book. "50 Shades of Rice: The unabated putrefaction of the American auto culture".

Also available in audio book. Narrated by me, drunk, doing my best Christopher Walken impression.
Demi's been off the site and not talking. I think he finally found a boyfriend.
Its the damn Bronco. I swear if Im not wrenching, Im recovering from the wounds Ive given myself on this build. Then back to the Evo, wash rinse, ect.
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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