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Looking for EVO X fuel pump wiring diagram

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Hey guy! im looking for a wiring diagram if anyone can help me out having problems with the fuel pump keeping pressure
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Also, Courtesy of Radium Engineering
Fuel Level Sender, Thin AWG: 2008-2010 = Yellow/Red 2011-2016 = Red
Fuel Temp Sensor, Thin AWG: 2008-2010 = White/Black 2011-2016 = Purple
Sensor Ground, Thin AWG: 2008-2010 = Black 2011-2016 = White/Black
Pump Power, Thick AWG: 2008-2010 = Blue 2011-2016 = Blue
Pump Ground, Thick AWG: 2008-2010 = Black 2011-2016 = Black
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It's in the ETACS ECU. C-304 ETACS-ECU connector terminal No. 11 in C-304
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(1)Remove the ETACS-ECU.
(2)Use jumper wires to connect C-317 ETACS-ECU terminal No. 6 to the positive battery terminal and C-304 ETACS-ECU terminal No. 11 to the negative battery terminal.
(3)Check for continuity between the C-307 ETACS-ECU terminal No. 1 and C-314 ETACS-ECU terminal No. 1 while connecting and disconnecting the jumper wire at the negative battery terminal.

Continuity (2 ohms or less) <Negative battery terminal connected>
  • Should be open loop. <Negative battery terminal disconnected>
(4)Install the ETACS-ECU.

Q. Is the measured resistance normal?

Go to Step 3.

Replace the ETACS-ECU. Then confirm that the malfunction symptom is eliminated.
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