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AEM - Extreme Turbo Systems


Exedy Clutch - Extreme Turbo Systems

or anything else? Let us know! We will match or beat anyone prices. For years we have had deep discounts with vendors, but really only used it for our own sponsored cars. Now... we would like to offer the discounts to you. You guys are what has allowed us to grow over the years and it's our turn to pay you guys back.

Send us what your looking for

Part Number and Price (link you found it) and we will match it or beat it and offer unbeatable shipping prices. We have tons of parts in stock and most can ship same day. It doesn't matter the brand, check anything on our website.

Extreme Turbo Systems - Homepage

This is a temporary site just to showcase what we can get, the pricing will not be 100% correct, but most prices we can offer, we most likely can't display anyways. :thumb:

Send an email to [email protected] and we will try our best to earn your business.

Thanks Again!


PS: We have hired a full time guy to fill this position. So let us try :)
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