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Looking for tail light part number

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Hello. I could not find this info after some searches.

Anyone knows how I can get the part number for the tail light on the trunk door? (right side).

Car is 2008 Evo X GSR.

At dealer is 120 EUR but the parts shops said they might get it cheaper than 120 EUR if I give them part number. In addition to some ~60 EUR ones that they already have.

Thank you.
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If ur looking for 2008 tails u could find them for really cheap on for sale section
I am in Europe, it is not that much expensive to worth the international shipping costs from US, and is not even a full set. But I was hoping to get the part number so that parts dealer can give me a better quote than the Mitsubishi dealer.

At Mitsubishi after telling me the price I asked if I can also get part number, he made a straight face and said "NO!" :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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