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I haven't had a fun car in a while, and have sold or given away most of my tools in the past few years. :eek:

I'd like to pick up a few things this week that will come in handy for the new Evo.

There are also probably other newbies who would benefit from a nice shopping list, especially just before the holidays or other sale days.

Perhaps we can get a list of items going and I'll try to keep them compiled here in the first post? Maybe it can be retroactively added to the "things owners should know" thread or HollywoodX's "first mods" thread?

Once you've got that FPR hose ziptied and the fuel relay replaced, and you're ready to tackle some mods, here are some common tools that will come in handy when you're wrenching on the Evo:

  1. Metric or universal socket set. A full set is ideal.
  2. Breaker bar, extenders, ratcheting wrench, and u-joint for the socket set if not included in above
  3. Phillips screwdriver and allen wrench / hex key set
  4. Long-nose / Needlenose pliers
  5. High-quality torque wrench (Nm or ft-lb) in the same drive size as your socket set (i.e., 1/4", 3/8", 1/2")
  6. Long magneting-tipped rod (for snagging dropped fasteners, etc from hard to reach places)
  7. Shop light (alt., a headlamp if you don't want to hold a flashlight or it's a spot where you can't hang a shop light)
  8. Floor jack (two if possible)
  9. Jack stands
  10. Rags / shop towels
  11. Gloves
  12. Power washer
  13. Rubber mallet
  14. Penetrating oil to help loosen stuck bolts or fasteners
  15. Gator-grip socket (for getting off rounded out nuts/bolts)
  16. ...
If listing a tool, please give some examples of common uses for it on the Evo. Thanks.

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shop light

power washer

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metric full ratchet set with breaker bar as well as a long magnetic rod (becomes very useful when you drop bolts and what not somewhere where your hands cannot fit).

tire iron WITH a 1 foot steel bar (middle needs to be empty). Why the steel bar? Well, using a 4 way tire iron you slide that steel bar onto one side for better leverage. Trust me it is AWESOME!

LED red and white light, the smaller you get the better. What I did is to get an energizer one that you put on your head. So the light is there while you have 2 hands free and dont have to find the "perfect" spot where to put that light.

Rubber gloves.

Lots of cloths (rags), you can get like a bag of them from autozone or whatever for cheap.

A full screw driver set (very small ones to very large ones) with allen wrench set.

Floor jack, get 2 of them if you can spend the money for it. Having 2 of them makes life so much easier.

You can also make yourself a very simple ramp by going to a home makers place like lowe's or home depot and getting 4 (for each side) 2X4 lumbers, nail them to each other and make your ramp.
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