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Trust me, I know the nightmare involved in organizing the prepping, sleeving and machine work for these stage 2 blocks. Right now the turn around time has been slimmed down to 10-12 weeks for this process, but it's lengthy and I KNOW there are a few of you out there that have been turned off simply by the wait.

Through a series of events, I happened to have TWO blocks done with primary operations, sleeved and ready to go that are NOT allocated. At this point, they need the mains align honed and then they are ready to rock and roll.

I am open to all sorts of options with these...PM me. I could get a quick turn around on a couple of stage 2 builds, I MIGHT even be open to selling the blocks as cores. PM me for details!

Please contact us for unbeatable pricing on these products, also keep in mind we will match or beat any competitors pricing on so called "package deals"!

: Send us a PM|||||
: NateAtMAP|||||
: 1-888-MAPERFORMANCE x 114|||||
: [email protected]


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