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click above for more images of the Mazda RX-8 RS

According to World Car Fans, the vehicle you see above is the JDM-only RX-8 RS that's scheduled to be unveiled this week at the Tokyo Auto Salon, Japan's version of our own aftermarket SEMA Show. In advance of the car's debut, Mazda was nice enough to release two images of the RX-8 RS with its fresh face and updates, some of which we may see in a few days on the standard RX-8 at the Detroit Auto Show. The rest of the 25 images we have in our gallery came from Motor Authority, higher-res versions of which are likely forthcoming from Mazda as soon as the car officially debuts.

The RX-8 RS features larger air intakes on the front fascia that now incorporate a set of flush-fitting fog lights. There's also a chin spoiler that flares out near the edges to divert air up and into the intakes. New taillights can be seen on the car's rear, as well as a spoiler we're not likely to get on garden-variety RX-8. We probably won't see those new 19-inch wheels either, but wouldn't mind if we did.

Mazda did not divulge any information with the two images it officially released, so we can't tell you what's under the hood of the RX-8 RS, whether the engine is an update of the current Renesis motor or an all-new one. The Detroit Auto Show starts on Sunday, at which time all will be revealed.

[Source: World Car Fans, Motor Authority]Gallery: Mazda RX-8 RS

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