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Where at and when at?

  • March 10th

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  • March 17th

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  • Double Tree shopping center in Glassboro

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  • Peach Tree Plaza in Hammonton

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  • OP is an idiot, we're not doing any of this

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Meet for Sj/Philly area

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Like the title says, was wondering if anyone wanted to get together for a meet sometime before show season starts.

Date: I was thinking maybe early to mid march, maybe around the 10th or 17th. I know some of you are probably going to NJMP on the 26th this month so I didn't want to make it too close to that, and I was hoping it might warm up a little more by then.

Location: that's what the poll is for. I have no idea how many people we have closest to where. If we have way more people from philly interested it doesn't make sense to drive deep into SJ and vice-versa. If you want to suggest a place, it's fine by me these were just some places that came to mind with large parking lots and decent food close by.

As a side note, a few acquaintances of mine with mini trucks are trying to get something together as well. We haven't set a date for that, but I wasn't sure how most of you would feel about associating with those of us that have shallower pockets lol
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Im down for any meets but if i see civics im out lol
haha no civics. at least none I'll invite
I voted deptford mall because I live closer to that lol
Saturdays are bad for me since we spend so much time in the shop. Sundays are way better.
sundays work too, hell I can do week nights if you really want. would one of those sundays work better for you than the other though? like the 11th or 18th?
anyone else interested? four people isn't going to be a very interesting meet lol
Sundays are no good here. Eh maybe next time
yeah it's no big. I'm sure I'll catch you guys at a few shows over the summer anyway
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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