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Some disclaimers: I've never tracked my car.

I'm running the Pilot Super Sports currently in OEM sizes, had them for about 11k miles. Under ideal conditions, meaning completely dry and even surface, the OEM tires felt like they had a better connection to the road. I think the difference comes from harder sidewalls. The Michelins are better in every other conceivable way, however. Add any sort of rain or dust/debris to the mix and the OEMs became more unpredictable, especially once the tread began to wear. Road noise is noticeably higher on the OEM Yokohamas as well. Tread life is significantly better on the Michelins. My OEMs were almost completely worn out after 10k miles and my Pilot Super Sports are still barely showing wear. To me, the difference in "ideal condition" grip wasn't worth the sacrifices in tread life, and I plan to stay with the Michelins in the future.
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