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Those of you running Star much life are you getting out of them before they are dead? Per Tire Rack they are in a whole other CATEGORY from the Pilot SS so I'm starting to wonder which is better. Can't find any more info on the Tire Rack performance categories.

Apparently the stock Advans are in the same category as my old favorite the KDW 2s, and rated lower lol.

SS - higher treadwear, more expensive, great reviews
Star Specs - lower tread wear, cheaper, great reviews, higher performance category?

Don't care about road noise or comfort at all, price doesn't bother me as long as it's worth it. Care about performance and how long they last. Basically once I find replacement tires for sale on Tire Rack I'm buying them so I just need to figure out what I want.

Edit: Did find a brief definition of the categories, according to them the Max Perf Summer is the highest one, with the Pilot SS being #1. The Star Specs are near the top in the next category down and about $200 cheaper for a set of 4. Guess I'll stick to the SS.

Would love to find someone who has used all 3 (Pilot, Star Specs, stockers)....
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edit, I messed up when I read :freak: commented on RS3's not Starspecs
Well I believe that having a good alignment from day one of install and checking psi weekly helps.
People it seem think these tires only last 10k and I'm not sure why.
I've never heard of greasy issues with RS-3s and I haven't ever experienced it at auto x or seen anyone else experience it. I do know that the NT05's get greasy after a while.
+1 josh has it backwards. The specs get greasy :)
can you explain what "wearing just fine" means? I would think How they wear woud be more related to Driving style and Alignment specs. Both of which you did not list.
^ good info! How is tire noise after the wear so far?
cant hear the tires over my loud ass exhaust. But its fairly quiet. i'd recommend those tires to anyone that autox's. they are a little suspect in the rain but they still have great grip and they suck in cold weather.
Suspect in the rain? supposedly they had great performance in the rain, thats strange. I know my RS3's are good in the rain but never tracked them in the rain so, cant comment on that.
Just to clarify what I had meant earlier - the star specs gripped great for the first 3-5 laps, then didn't grip nearly as well after they got hot. The RS3s did not grip as well as the star specs for the first 3-4 laps until they got warmed up, but were more consistent overall. My experience with them was consistent with the reviews I had read on both.
yes exactly what I gathered from my research regarding the specs. Haven't tracked the rs3s but does take a bit of warm up.
with the amount you drive your car you are worried about the starspecs mi? Im confused.
The problem is the concepts of Performance and longevity are normally always fighting each other. :)
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