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MINI gets its panties in a bunch for charity

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For the eighth year running, a designer MINI will be auctioned off to raise money for the cause of AIDS. The annual charitable event is organized by Life Ball, Europe's largest AIDS fundraiser event. Previous years saw MINIs designed by fashion houses like Missoni, Versace and Diesel, but this year's designer is the tits (so to speak): lingerie brand Agent Provocateur.
The one-of-a-kind MINI Clubman is treated to a uniquely kinky police-style paint scheme that would make Max Mosley weak at the knees. Pink police stripes run down the side over the black paint job, with a fishnet stocking pattern on the roof, a mirrored rear window, prison bars on the side windows and a tantalizing black leather interior. The car, which once again redefines the term "auto erotic", will be sold on eBay from June 5-15.
[Source: MINI]
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