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New Mitsubishi Lancer Sports Sedan

Mitsubishi has embarked upon its most ambitious automotive project ever through the launch of its first global platform.

Known as “Project Global” within MMC, and already successfully previewed with the second generation Outlander, this new global platform will next be rolled out to the European public at the 2007 Frankfurt Show (IAA), underpinning the all-new 4-door Lancer Sports Sedan.

Representing a multi-million dollar investment, the “Project Global” platform will support the launch of several new Mitsubishi vehicles over the next few years, including (as of now) the all-new Lancer family, the second generation Outlander or the recently unveiled – and very successful – Delica D:5 minivan / SUV crossover.

Designed from the outset for world markets to accommodate various regional needs and regulations as well as changing market trends and customer demands, “Project Global” generates economies of scale through built-in flexibility and synergies in design, engineering and manufacturing.

Designed at Mitsubishi Motors’ European design studio in Trebur, near Frankfurt (Germany) for world markets, Lancer Sports Sedan shares its stunning design language with the much-acclaimed Concept-Sportback (2005 IAA) and Concept-X (2005 Tokyo) concept cars, also created in Europe.

Its low stance, long bonnet / short deck proportions, wide track, trademark “Jet Fighter” grille (with a chromed upper grille in this European market application) and distinctively deep set “eyes”, all bring a new meaning to the concept of sports sedans.

Very much in line with Mitsubishi’s inspiring “Japanese Modern” design philosophy, this theme is also evocative of Lancer’s peerless motor sports credentials covering 35 years of racing, from the original 1973 Lancer 1600 GSR winner of numerous long distance 70s rallies in Africa and Australia (East African Safari, Bandama, Southern Cross,…) to the very hot 1980 Lancer EX 2000 Turbo and today’s Lancer Evolution.


To be launched progressively in Europe from the end of 2007, the (4,570 mm long x 1,760 mm wide) Lancer Sports Sedan will provide Mitsubishi Motors in Europe with a full family of offerings ranging from 1.5 litre petrol entry models to mid-range 1.8 litre petrol and 2.0 litre Diesel versions (availability according to markets), right up to the all-new Lancer Evolution – for the first time a member of the Lancer family. In the future, further variants will be made available as well:

- Entry level:
110 ps – 1.5 l DOHC MIVEC petrol*

- Mid-range:
140 ps – 2.0 l Pump Jet Diesel (VAG-supplied)*

144 ps – 1.8 l DOHC MIVEC petrol*

- Upper-range:
output & details to be unveiled at a later stage

- Hero:
2.0 l Turbo DOHC MIVEC petrol (Lancer Evolution / output to be unveiled later)

* all data subject to homologation.

The above line-up will include 5-speed manual, 6-speed manual, CVT, 4-speed automatic and 6-speed automated manual, according to the engine.

Joining the Lancer Sports Sedan and Lancer Evolution during 2008, the all-new 5-door Lancer Sportback will further strengthen the Lancer family. With its coupé-like profile – modelled upon the exciting 2005 Frankfurt concept car of the same name – it will specifically target hatchback-minded European customers.

Beyond conventional segmentation, the all-new Lancer family will be in Europe a refreshing alternative for customers looking for timeless presence, sharp dynamics, reliability and value-for-money, all brought by heritage-proud, non-mainstream, right-brained, quality Brands.


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New engines for Mitsubishi Outlander

Outlander 2.2 Di-D and 2.4 MiVEC
Half way through its first year in the market, Outlander has fulfilled its target with over 13,000 units sold across Europe. Bringing 80% of conquest customers to the Brand across Europe, it provides them with Mitsubishi Motors’ acknowledged expertise in 4-wheel drive technology dressed in a sharp envelope fit for 5+2 passengers (or 2 occupants and up to 1,691 l of cargo) all within a smaller footprint than comparable D-segment wagons.
At the occasion of the 62nd Frankfurt Motor Show, Outlander will widen its appeal to European customers with the introduction of two additional engines:

2.2 Di-D, Diesel common rail:
156 PS @ 4,000 rpm and 380 Nm @ 2,000 rpm,
All Wheel Control,
6-speed manual gearbox,
Launch: fourth quarter of 2007.
2.4 l MIVEC, Petrol :
170 PS @ 6,000 rpm and 232 Nm @ 4,100 rpm,
2-wheel drive or All Wheel Control (according to markets),
5-speed manual gearbox or stepped Sport Mode 6-speed CVT with optional paddle shift controls,
Launch: fourth quarter of 2007.
These two new “high power” engines will then complement the current 2.0 Di-D Diesel pump-jet (140 PS @ 4,000 rpm and 310 Nm @ 1,750 rpm) “mid power” power plant. Further improvements for 2008 include (spec. according to markets):

New milled finish 18” alloy wheels (standard on Instyle)
Rain sensor and rear parking sensors (standard on Intense+ and Instyle)
Soft touch paint finish on dashboard
Rear view camera now available in combination with Mitsubishi Multi Communication System (Full-map touch screen Hard Disk Drive (HDD) Navigation with music server)
Leaving the role of authentic off-roader to the next generation Pajero, Outlander is a no-compromise solution for a different type of recreational vehicle.

Using the in-built adaptability of MMC’s all-new “Project Global” flexible platform it brings passenger car-like levels of active safety and driving pleasure, thanks to its All Wheel Control drive-train, 4-wheel independent suspension, high performance brakes and low centre of gravity. The latter is helped by an aluminium roof panel, using a technology tested with the Lancer Evolution IX.
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