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Full replacement Short Shifter DIY
2008+ Mitsubishi Evo X

So in order to make installing Full Replacement Short Shifters even easier, we have decided to post up a DIY here on the forums so that you can all see how easy it is to install one yourself!

Begin the installation by parking on a flat surface, as you will have to engage and disengage the hand brake and shift from gears to neutral. If you cannot do so and are obliged to install the short shifter on a slightly inclined surface, place wooden blocks in front or behind the wheels to prevent the car from moving while you’re working.

Estimated Installation Time: 60 minutes for shifter only, 75 minutes with base bushings.
Tools required:

- Flat head screw drivers (small and large)
- Philips head screw driver
- Hammer
- Flash light or shop light
- Needle nose pliers
- Rotary cutting tool (Dremel Tool) **Recommended
- Shop towels or rags
- Metric socket set (with 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 14mm sockets) and a ratchet with extension
- Punch set (screwdrivers may be substituted)
- Bench Vise
- All purpose automotive grease (white Lithium based grease preferred)

1. Unscrew the shift knob by rotating it counter-clockwise and put it in a safe place.

2. Remove the ashtray in front of the shifter.

3. Remove the small storage compartment in front of the handbrake by pulling up on it as pictured to the left.

Disconnect the white wire under this compartment as shown to the left.

4. Begin removal of the center console by lifting the rear portion that surrounds the handbrake. Be sure the storage compartment lid is open to allow the back half of the rear portion to move freely.

5. The front portion of the rear half of the console can now be lifted and separated from the rest of the console. It is held in place by clips from underneath so it will pop free by lifting upward.

6. Use a Philips head screwdriver to remove the 2 screws directly behind the shifter.

7. The front portion of the console with the shift boot attached can now be lifted, however it cannot be removed from the car yet as there is a clip holding a wire at the front which must be removed as shown in the next step.

8. Use needle nose pliers to compress the tabs on the clip at the front part of this section. With the tabs depressed, the clip can be pushed through and out from the under side.

9. Turn this portion of the console over and disconnect the plastic plug for the lighter by pulling on the plastic portion. Do not pull on the wires. There are no tabs to depress on this clip, the connector simply slides off. The front portion of the console can now be removed from the car and put in a safe place.

10. Use a Phillips head screwdriver to remove the 2 screws in front of the shifter that have been exposed by removing the front portion of the console in the previous step.

11. In order to remove the center console, you need to disconnect the white tab holding wires to the console as shown to the left. You can pry off the white tab from the black tab by using a flat head screwdriver.

Begin by prying off the accessible part of the white tab as shown to the left. You can then access the opposite side of the tab hidden underneath the console. Use you finger tips to remove the other side of the tab from under the center console.

11. …continued.

12. Open the storage compartment on the rear center console. Use a 10mm socket and a ratchet with a long extension to remove the 2 bolts in the bottom of the storage compartment.

13. The center console is now free and can be removed from the car. Put the console in a safe place for re-installation later.

14. Working at the bottom of the shifter itself, spread the steel wire clip apart with your fingers or needle nose pliers and push the cable down. This will separate the shifter from the shifter cable. Be sure not to lose the steel wire clip as it needs to be used for re-installation.

Once the shifter and plastic cup are slid out of the shifter cable housing, the steel wire clip can be left in place on the shifter cable to be certain not to misplace it.

15. Disconnect the shifter cable that controls side to side motion from the triangular plastic side arm. This can be achieved simply by prying with a flat head screwdriver to slide it off the pin on the triangular plastic side arm.

16. In order to remove the shifter, the 2 push clips on the passenger side of the shifter assembly holding the two pins must be removed or cut with a rotary tool or Dremel. If you do not have access to rotary tool, use a sharp flat head screwdriver and a hammer and work your way around the push nut to remove it. New push nuts are provided in the kit if they are broken or cut during removal.

The easiest way to remove the clips is to slice them with a rotary cutting tool, then to slide them off with a flat head screwdriver.

16. Continued.

Both methods are pictured above and below. The first image above shows removal with a hammer and sharp flat head screwdriver, while the next two images show removal with a Dremel tool by slicing the clips and sliding them off with a screwdriver. Be sure to wrap shop towels or rags around the shift assembly to protect the interior from any debris while cutting.

17. With the 2 clips removed and side shifter cable disconnected, push the two pins out of the assembly using a hammer and a small punch. Use a screwdriver if a punch is not available.

17. Continued.

18. Take note of the orientation of the spring on the side of the shifter for re-installation later. Both pins that go through the shifter can now be completely removed from the assembly.

19. The white plastic cap can now be removed from the shift assembly. Put it in a safe place for re-installation later.


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20. The plastic triangular side arm and spring can now be removed from the shift assembly. The shifter can now be pulled up and out of the shift assembly. Pay close attention to how the spring is installed on the side arm as you will have to re-install it later.

21. Remove the small plastic cup from the bottom of the stock shifter. To do so, hang the stock shifter on the Cup Remover Tool supplied with the kit on a vice with the jaws open about 1 inch as pictured to the left. Be sure the stock shifter is inserted completely in to the slot in the cup remover tool. Ask an assistant to hold the stock shifter to avoid it falling to the ground when the cup is separated from it. Use a punch or screwdriver and a hammer to punch the stock shifter out of the plastic cup.

Grease the small ball on the bottom of the TWM short shifter as shown at left. TWM recommends using white lithium based grease, however any automotive grade grease will suffice.

Press the small white cup you removed in the previous step on to the TWM short shifter. Place the cup on a flat surface and push the shifter down in to it.

22. Using a ratchet with an extension and a 12 mm socket, unbolt the four bolts securing the assembly to the floor pan and remove the bolts.

23. Unplug the white connector at the back end of the shifter assembly by pressing the tab and pulling the connector up.

24. Unplug the two black grommets from the shifter assembly. You can use a flat head
screwdriver to pop it out of the assembly, as shown on the picture on left.

25. Unplug cable clamps holding on the front end of the shifter assembly. Pull it up,
pressing the plastic tab under the clamp from the back as shown on the pictures on left.

25. Continued...

26. Remove the stock shifter assembly.

It may be helpful to cut the strip of carpet which passes over the rear of the shift assembly to free up some room to lift the assembly.

27. Install the TWM Full Replacement unit in place. Be sure the wire and the two shifter cables are not under the assembly.

28. Plug the cable clamps into the metal brackets. Just push it down until it clips. Lower the cable lock in place and tighten the Allen head bolt.

29. Install the base bushings under the shifter assembly with the smaller diameter
step facing up. Install a bushing at each corner of the shifter assembly and ensure that
the assembly is seated properly with each smaller diameter step on each bushing fully
inserted in the holes at each corner of the assembly.

30. Secure the shift assembly in place with the provided M8 x 50mm bolts and a 12mm
socket and ratchet. Be sure the step on the bushings at each corner of the assembly are in the holes in the assembly properly before tightening it down.

31. Re-connect the lower shifter cable to the shifter. If you left the steel clip in place on the shift cable, the cable can simply be pressed on to the plastic pivot cup until the steel clip snaps in to place. Lower the TWM short shifter in to place making sure the bottom rectangular pivot cup with the o-ring is seated properly in the shift assembly.

32. Re-connect the shifter cable that controls side to side movement to the pin on the triangular shaped side arm. It can be pressed on by hand.

33. Re-install the center console and reconnect all wires and connectors by reversing steps 10 to 13. Install the special shift boot retainer on the shifter as pictured to the left.
Do not tighten the set screw yet.


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34. Install the front part of the console with the shift boot over the TWM short shifter. Do not clip the console in place or re-connect the wire beneath it yet just slide the shift boot on to the TWM shifter at this time.

35. Install the stock shift knob by rotating clockwise until you experience resistance and the shift pattern is correctly aligned.

36. You can now reverse steps 2 to 9 to reinstall the front part of the console and connect the wire beneath it.

You are done, enjoy the drive and thank you for choosing TWM Performance!

THAT'S IT!! Now all you have to do is ENJOY it every time you SHIFT!

If you have any other questions or concerns you can post in this thread or send us a PM and we will be more than happy to help you out with your Short Shifter install!

Team TWM Performance

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Excellent product and great write up for the install. Just one word of advice to include in this to assemble the actual cage when purchased with short shifter combo (ie washers on either side of the bearing) or exploded view as the shot of the completed cage leaves this out. I recommend the full cage and short shifter plus the bronze bushings to every evo x owner

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Well since you guys bumped it anyways... I might as well ask:

Just want to double check that the TWM cage itself will work with a Works short shifter? I see no reason it wouldn't, but just want to double check.

I had the works ss with my twm cage and it does work with it. My only complaint is that the shifter while in 2nd and 4th gear is almost touching the ebrake handle. I now have the twm ss and i like it a lot better than the works. With the stock cage, i prefer the works ss though.
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