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click above for more high-res images of the Mitsubishi Prototype-S

Mitsubishi has given up the goods on what last week we referred to as the Lancer Sportback, but will go by the name of Prototype-S when it debuts this March at the 2008 Geneva Motor Show. The car itself is basically a production version of the Concept-Sportback that debuted at the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, and Mitsubishi hints in its press release that the 5-door hatchback Lancer is destined for the European market.

Some details revealed that we didn't know last week include that the Prototype-S is powered by the same 2.0L turbo four-cylinder MIVEC engine that debuted earlier this month in the Lancer Ralliart. It produces 235 horsepower and 253 ft-lbs. of torque, which is routed through Mitsubishi's Twin Clutch SST transmission and sent to all four wheels via a full-time 4WD system using the automaker's Active Center Differential. The Prototype-S, therefore, is basically a hatchback body wrapped around the mechanicals of the Lancer Ralliart, a car with which we're already smitten. Add the practically of a fifth door and more cargo capacity, and we'd be looking to tussle with a Mazdaspeed3 or Caliber SRT-4 on our way home from the grocery store. Sure, those higher horsepower cars might beat us in a straight line, but eventually the curves will come.

[Source: Mitsubishi]

Gallery: Mitsubishi Lancer Prototype S

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