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Mitsubishi Navi MMCS DVD in motion hack just got easier

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Hey all,
i was doing some research the last few days on the in motion hack and a lot of people are having a hard time doing it since the last hack version was a few years old and the creator abandoned the project. This forces people to downgrade the software to an old version to get the dvd hack to work.

The main issue with that is that unless you upgrade from a REALLY old version (MMCS won't auto update via CDROM to an older version) you can't do it without taking out your drive and doing all this dorking hacking magic....UNTIL NOW!!!

I found a way to force the CD update even to older versions without any mess. I can upload the file for version 39.09 or something like that, which you burn onto a disc then insert. Hold NAVI and SET for 5 secs, then go to VERSION INDICATION, then on that menu hold MENU for 5 secs. On the next screen select DISK, not HDD. BOOM. watch DVDs while driving!

If you have a SW version in the 40s or earlier it will work. Anything in the 50s, 60s, and 70s, i dont know. Here are the files:

Version 39 final:

Version 60 beta (try at your own risk):
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I know, old thread. I have v70.04 working with DVD-In-Motion.

Hey i follow the procedure and it went to a black screen saying " Program Version-Up in Progress" and it fully loads then it just stays black and i cant do anything. What should i do? please help
I see this when the wrong files are hacked onto the MMCS. For example having v30.94 and attempting to install DVD-In-Mtion of any other flavor than 30.94.

What version of Nav software and maps version did you originally have? You MUST install that specific version only. If you install the proper version, it will probably recover the MMCS image.

Or you could install a map update DVD (and key) and it will overwrite with a working newer version. Then you will need to apply the correct [updated] version of the DVD-In-Motion hack.

For a fee, you can send me your hard drive and I will fix the image on it.
Do I need certain amount of post to view this page?
Probably not. I can't view it either - and I think I created it, whatever it is
I can upgrade your existing HD to 2012 maps with firmware v70.04 with DIM hack installed for a small fee.
i have application 80.02

is mine the most updated? is there a dvd in motion hack for mine?
There is, and I don't have it. The only serial-number-free DIM hack I have available is 70.xx. Don't know if it will work with 80.xx maps.

I also have 2014 maps that use 90.00 and I'm not aware of any DIM hack for that flavor yet.
I have the newest 2014 USDM maps. PM me.
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