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Click above for a high-res gallery of the Mitsubishi Concept ZT.

It's a foregone conclusion that the Concept ZT unveiled in Tokyo is the styling direction Mitsubishi will take when it unveils a reworked Galant in the next couple of years. So common sense says that the next iteration of the Mitsubishi 308 sold in Australia, which began life in 2005 as a rebadged Galant with a few design tweaks, is going to reappear sharing most of the cues debuted on the ZT.

The fact that Mitsubishi will end production of the 308 at its Adalaide, Australia plant towards the end of March so it can pursue a "full import strategy" is further proof that the next 308 is going to share even more in common with the next generation Galant. While it's not certain that the 308 moniker will be nixed in favor of a Galant badge, it's likely to be packing a choice of new motors that puts fuel-efficiency over performance, including one of Mitsubishi's new diesel mills.


Gallery: Mitsubishi Concept-ZT

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