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MMCS Install Question

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Hey, so I look around a few forums and I picked up some useful information, but I still have a few questions.
1. Which versions of the MMCS are compatible with a Lancer ES 2012? The car already comes with FUSE, so I don't want to lose any of those functions. I heard N-05 and N-04 are compatible with all functions working.
2. Is it possible to buy a 08-10 MMCS and have it work, or do FUSE equipped cars require only 2011+ navs?
3. I really just want an OEM nav, so would my best bet be waiting to find one for sale online, or going to the dealership and having them order/install everything? Does anyone know how much this would cost?
4. What are my options when it comes to installing an OEM nav on my car? Can I only use 2011+ since my car is 2012 or can I go with the 08-10 version and have a dealership adjust it?
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1: N01-03 pre fuse N04-05 fuse compatible
2: N01-03 will work but you will loose fuse. If I recall correctly you will also need to purchase the pre fuse bluetooth module as well.
3: Personal preference. You need to be patient to find a N04+ unit for sale. MSRP new nav is $2200 and install kit is $450 but they can be had for less
4: really the same question as number 2.
thanks for answering them all, just wondering, since you said N01-03 will work but i'll lose fuse, is it possible to buy a fuse compatible module to make the fuse work on the older versions, or are the older versions just out of luck when it comes to fuse?
Theoretically yes but as I understand it the wiring harnesses are different and you will need to do some wiring work. I believe this has yet to be successfully done.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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