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MMCS Navigation Maps replacement Guide

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Hey Guys,
i have a 2009 Lancer GTS.
got it for less then a week.
and ive been searching like crazy on ways to replace the maps.
i have read countless of guides and instructions but none were clear.
so after i figured it out i decided to write this mini guide for those of you that have the same problem.

first, some basic facts:
1. you cant upgrade the maps unless you buy it legit with a 1 time use unique version key up (or so we thought)
2. the maps cost between 180-220$.
3. there is an update once 1.5 years.

what you will need.
1. take ur HDD out by following the instructions on page 2 here:

2. hack your HDD (follow these guide, the first page pretty much explain it all its much simpler then it looks like:

3. Find online or from a friend the latest map update (available online for the EU maps, impossible to find online for the US maps (yet).

4. when you get the CD (off the internet or a friend or wherever) you will see a set of files within that dVD:
here is the list of files:
HD1.*** (164 FILES)
5. Copy all files to your local hard drive (if on a DVD).

6. download the attached zip file (script) i provided, extract it and dump it in the same folder where you copied all the files.

7. Run the script.

8. now you will have all the HD1.*** set of files in an ordered number HD1.001 - HD1.641.

9. download the program 7zip (can be downloaded from: (unless you already have it).

10. Highlight all of the HD1.001 --> HD1.641 files.

11. Right click (or use any way you want basically) and extract them all to a different location (for organization purposes only).

12. You will get a Big almost 20GB file named
13. Once again using 7zip take this file and extract it (again) to a different location (again, for organization purposes only).

14. You will now have these set of files:
Folder named IDX
15. If you finished the instructions to unlock your HDD, now is the time to connect the MMCS HDD to your computer.

16. You will see a couple of HDD partitions.

17. Easiest way is to simply find the partition that contain the exact same files as written in steo 14.

18. Make your self a copy of the files on the MMCS original HDD for backup.

19. Delete all the files and then replace with the files you got from step 13/14.

20. Disconnect the HDD from your computer.

21. Re-install it back in your car and that's it.
you are now with new updated maps.

hope this help, good luck!!


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Great. Now has anyone found a copy of the US maps?
Yep -they're out there but plan on several days in bittorrent download times.
I think I saw a link to them. I have time to wait.

When I bought the car the salesman agreed to get me the latest map upgrade. He conveniently never answered my requests to follow up afterward.
Are you're surprised??
*sigh* no. Not surprised, just annoyed.
Don't forget to update the MMCS unit firmware & screens images after you install the updated map files.
I... don't know how to do that.

My car is a 2008 and it still has the original maps and firmware (2006?).
Technically d/loading copyrighted software is the crime here.

You will need to execute the loading.kwi file from the new DVD files to do the firmware update so it will match the maps & screen images. Naturally you need to install those files onto the proper partitions on the HD in your MMCS. I've posted how to do this.

If you end up breaking it, I can probably fix it (the hard drive image) for you (for a small fee).
Point taken. Previous post edited.

Thanks for the info. Once I get everything I need I will take my time and make backups before proceeding. At least there's a fallback in case I screw it all up though which is reassuring.
Does someone mind pm me on what to search for on tpb?

Also, I wouldn't mind buying the software as a group, but how would we distribute it amongst each other?
FYI the US version isn't there, only EU.
I tried doing a group buy in the other site but those dudes are flakey. Id be glad to pay $25 for my share. Anyone else?

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I would chip in if we can get enough people together.
Using your favorite infected bit torent tool, search for MZ360377EX_2010A_MAP_DVD.iso.
Really? Because I find nothing anywhere.
Then whoever was hosting it took it down (or is off-line). Bummer.
Yeah I had found the direct US Map torrent link, but there doesn't seem to be a tracker for it anymore. No peers or seeders.
not to forum jack but dose anyone know how to update the MMCS software. cant run my 2011 stuff on a 2008 navi :[ any hacks out there
What exactly do you mean about running "2011 stuff on 2008 navi"?

Do you have a 2011 update disc and it won't install on a 2008 unit?

There's a way to force it to update.

Hold NAVI and SET for 5 secs, then go to VERSION INDICATION, then on that menu hold MENU for 5 secs. On the next screen select DISK, not HDD.
Maybe that will work for you. Disclaimer: I haven't messed with the MMCS yet.
The update disks are not MMCS-year specific.
I was hoping this was the case. That's why I was confused about his problem.
sorry for vague question. I installed a navi off a 2008 evo x. Now when i did install it in my 2011 gsr w/ SSS, i lost my bluetooth option as well as my USB port option. My guess was because these were not an option during that year. Now i never moved or removed these features I just pluged and played. I was wondering if there was a possible way I can update the software for the navi to run all my 2011 features.
Ah, that makes more sense.

Our cars have a separate bluetooth module that I believe is located behind the glove box. I don't know if you installed this along with your MMCS.
However, the only bluetooth function that the 2008 hardware supports is for hands-free phone.

I think you need the newer MMCS with FUSE and the newer bluetooth module to get bluetooth audio. I would bet you'd also need this to add the USB port. I doubt it is plug and play with the 2008 unit.
I haven't been able to try anything out yet. I'm going to be away for work so it will be a few weeks.
I've had the torrent link in my bittorrent application for a while just to see if it ever did anything. I went to download something else today and it actually started getting data for the US MMCS update. We'll see how far it gets.
I have most of what I think is the right file downloaded as a torrent, but the seeds never stay up long. It's taking a looong time.
It's at 80.9% of 5.4 GB
Nice. How can you share it after?
I might be able to set up an FTP or something...
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