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MMCS Navigation Maps replacement Guide

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Hey Guys,
i have a 2009 Lancer GTS.
got it for less then a week.
and ive been searching like crazy on ways to replace the maps.
i have read countless of guides and instructions but none were clear.
so after i figured it out i decided to write this mini guide for those of you that have the same problem.

first, some basic facts:
1. you cant upgrade the maps unless you buy it legit with a 1 time use unique version key up (or so we thought)
2. the maps cost between 180-220$.
3. there is an update once 1.5 years.

what you will need.
1. take ur HDD out by following the instructions on page 2 here:

2. hack your HDD (follow these guide, the first page pretty much explain it all its much simpler then it looks like:

3. Find online or from a friend the latest map update (available online for the EU maps, impossible to find online for the US maps (yet).

4. when you get the CD (off the internet or a friend or wherever) you will see a set of files within that dVD:
here is the list of files:
HD1.*** (164 FILES)
5. Copy all files to your local hard drive (if on a DVD).

6. download the attached zip file (script) i provided, extract it and dump it in the same folder where you copied all the files.

7. Run the script.

8. now you will have all the HD1.*** set of files in an ordered number HD1.001 - HD1.641.

9. download the program 7zip (can be downloaded from: (unless you already have it).

10. Highlight all of the HD1.001 --> HD1.641 files.

11. Right click (or use any way you want basically) and extract them all to a different location (for organization purposes only).

12. You will get a Big almost 20GB file named
13. Once again using 7zip take this file and extract it (again) to a different location (again, for organization purposes only).

14. You will now have these set of files:
Folder named IDX
15. If you finished the instructions to unlock your HDD, now is the time to connect the MMCS HDD to your computer.

16. You will see a couple of HDD partitions.

17. Easiest way is to simply find the partition that contain the exact same files as written in steo 14.

18. Make your self a copy of the files on the MMCS original HDD for backup.

19. Delete all the files and then replace with the files you got from step 13/14.

20. Disconnect the HDD from your computer.

21. Re-install it back in your car and that's it.
you are now with new updated maps.

hope this help, good luck!!


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Does anyone have the links for new US maps? Pm me please

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or do a few people want to pitch in and buy the software as a group, like $10 a member?
I tried doing a group buy in the other site but those dudes are flakey. Id be glad to pay $25 for my share. Anyone else?

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Ok so far i count 3 guys to chip in:

if we can get maybe like 3-4 more we can easily get this. anyone?
So this thread died already?

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Pm me the link. All I find are euro ones

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What %?
Nice. How can you share it after?
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