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Nice. How can you share it after?

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Hey Guys,
i have a 2009 Lancer GTS.
got it for less then a week.
and ive been searching like crazy on ways to replace the maps.
i have read countless of guides and instructions but none were clear.
so after i figured it out i decided to write this mini guide for those of you that have the same problem.

first, some basic facts:
1. you cant upgrade the maps unless you buy it legit with a 1 time use unique version key up (or so we thought)
2. the maps cost between 180-220$.
3. there is an update once 1.5 years.

what you will need.
1. take ur HDD out by following the instructions on page 2 here:
Some fun with the MMCS display

2. hack your HDD (follow these guide, the first page pretty much explain it all its much simpler then it looks like:
How to unlock MMCS - Mitsubishi Forum - Mitsubishi Enthusiast Forums

3. Find online or from a friend the latest map update (available online for the EU maps, impossible to find online for the US maps (yet).

4. when you get the CD (off the internet or a friend or wherever) you will see a set of files within that dVD:
here is the list of files:
HD1.*** (164 FILES)
5. Copy all files to your local hard drive (if on a DVD).

6. download the attached zip file (script) i provided, extract it and dump it in the same folder where you copied all the files.

7. Run the script.

8. now you will have all the HD1.*** set of files in an ordered number HD1.001 - HD1.641.

9. download the program 7zip (can be downloaded from: 7-Zip (unless you already have it).

10. Highlight all of the HD1.001 --> HD1.641 files.

11. Right click (or use any way you want basically) and extract them all to a different location (for organization purposes only).

12. You will get a Big almost 20GB file named
13. Once again using 7zip take this file and extract it (again) to a different location (again, for organization purposes only).

14. You will now have these set of files:
Folder named IDX
15. If you finished the instructions to unlock your HDD, now is the time to connect the MMCS HDD to your computer.

16. You will see a couple of HDD partitions.

17. Easiest way is to simply find the partition that contain the exact same files as written in steo 14.

18. Make your self a copy of the files on the MMCS original HDD for backup.

19. Delete all the files and then replace with the files you got from step 13/14.

20. Disconnect the HDD from your computer.

21. Re-install it back in your car and that's it.
you are now with new updated maps.

hope this help, good luck!!
the salesman agreed to get me the latest map upgrade. He conveniently never answered my requests to follow up afterward.

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Tried out these instructions for how to unlock the MMCS navigation SD card and it actually worked! After the quick procedure I could easily back-up and change the contents of the SD drive, just like an ordinary SD card. I ended up copying back my old map and it worked without any issues. This is the first method I found that actually works for the SD card models ...
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