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MMCS no sound

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I was wondering if someone could help me, ive never had this problem before. Drove 12 hours from Edmonton to BC, the MMCS head unit was fine, could play movies, sound worked etc.
Ive been in BC a couple days now, all seemed fine but this morning I tried to play some music and noticed that the sound no longer works. I made sure it wasnt muted.
Movies, music, beeping sounds all do not work now. Any ideas?
Ive already checked the connections to the head unit through the dash, those all seem to be good.
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Bringing this thread back up to see if anyone has a solution, im having the same problem. Everything works, but there's no sound.
bump for answers
I have no idea why this works, but there is a short some where in my car. If I roll up or down the windows in the rear sometimes the sound will come back.

Also try slamming the rear doors. That would do it too. Leave the car on and the radio on and open and close the rear doors.

Yes I know it sounds stupid but it would fix my no sound problem.
Thanks for the response, but that didn't work. ughhh lol these stupid cars. I saw it doesn't work after a fuel pump was installed, that's about when mine stopped working too...right after a new pump was installed... weird...
Bump for other ideas
running out of ideas, anyone got anymore. It's annoying driving without a radio

not having sound is so annoying... :wallbash::(
Mines been away for 2 months now :( yay mitsu quality!
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