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MR T Stock ECU Dyno Results

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Went to Buschur Racing yesterday and he could not tune the car because he did not have the correct ROM so we did a dyno pull anyway on the stock ECU to see where we are at. Mods: Injen Intake & UCIP and Turbo XS TB Exhaust with HFC, what do you guys think?


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It looks just about what an untuned Evo X should do. There is a little lag there, might want to check for a boost leak.
if you use AP stage 2 map it will be around 270 to 280whp.
It would be higher than that.... Stage 2 with those mods would put you well over 300 (Depending on the dyno...)

I put down 289 WHP on a dynojet with an intake and stage 1.
^which one better custom tune at the shop or cobb AP,street tune
Custom tune from a GOOD tuner is better. The COBB tunes have an extra large safety margin because they can't see how it's actually working on your car in your conditions.
I just got tuned by CBRD in York PA, they are great to work with and Chad's tune is top quality hope that helps
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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